Your website is like a cyber pet

I saw my first ever website 15 years ago. In the big scheme of things, that’s not THAT long ago, but how much has changed since then!

That website has probably been re-designed, re-created and re-engineered several times since then.

And the way that websites are created is constantly evolving. There are whole industries dedicated to website design, management and construction not to mention search, advertising, reporting and monitoring. 

Instead of being an online brochure that will stay the same for several years, your website is essentially a living thing that needs looking after and nurturing.

It can feel frustrating, as unlike a printed brochure that costs a set amount and is fixed until you need a re-print, a website can require regular updates and changes so it feels as if you are constantly spending money on it.

But if you look at it like a cyber pet, you need to keep it alive to keep it effective. If you just leave it sitting there, it will get lost among all the others, and it will stop doing its job properly.

So don’t get frustrated – view it as a company pet, and look after it well.

  • Feed it with new content
  • Look after it with regular updates
  • Make friends with other websites and create incoming links
  • Label it with relevant keywords and phrases so it can be found
  • Every now and again, give it a thorough health check from top to toe and make sure it’s all in good working order

A healthy website is a happy website, and will bring you new customers.


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