While you’ve got their attention …

It’s the season of outdoor events and festivals, and there are lots of people out there with limited choices on outdoor sites, trying foods and drinks they might not normally come across.

While I was at a horse show recently, in search of something that wasn’t fried or served in a bun, I came across the Higgidy Pie Kitchen –a travelling kitchen that goes around the country serving a lovely selection of pies and tarts. Decked out in bunting with bold and quirky lettering, it’s appealing from the outside with a nicely laid out selection of goodies.

The kitchen has its own facebook page, that encourages people to post where they’ve enjoyed their pies.

Here’s a photo of the kitchen in action from their facebook page.

Anyway, along with my change came a cute little voucher with a chirpy message offering me a pound off a future Higgidy Pie and telling me which supermarkets I can find them in.

What a great idea to capture a new audience and engage with them in a friendly and personal way.

Have some fun with your marketing – let your business have a personality and don’t be afraid to show it.

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