Use your own advertising space

Advertising space is expensive, whether it’s a page in a magazine, a poster in a prime location, or a TV or radio ad. The cost of one advert can seem quite reasonable, but in order to be effective, you need to have many, many repeats of the advert for it to have an impact.

It is very sensible therefore, to look at what you already have.

This local café has recently been revamped, and they have used their walls and their planters outside to advertise what’s available inside. They’ve done it very tastefully too, so not only is it eye-catching in a pleasing way, it also does a great job of telling you that they sell sandwiches, coffee and other things.

I pulled up behind a van at some traffic lights the other day that was decorated with zebra stripes and had a short slogan, a website address, facebook and Instagram icons. It featured a party service where they bring animals along to children’s parties. As they’re driving from party to party, they are advertising themselves, and even better, while they’re at the party, other parents who are dropping off their children can clearly and easily see who is providing the entertainment their children enjoy, so they can recommend them or book them in the future.

The third example is the van that is used by AVINU to deliver home entertainment and technology services. AVINU operate all over the South East and spend hours at a time on site, installing cables, TVs, remote control devices and more. Most of the houses they work in have extensive refurbishment going on, so there are lots of trade vehicles coming and going. The van is illustrated with icons and slogans telling you what they do, together with contact details. It stands out from the rest, and neighbours can clearly see who is providing the services. And of course, they are advertising themselves on the move in the same way the animal party people do.

Take a look at the photo’s here on my Facebook Page.

So before you spend thousands of pounds on media space, have a think about whether you could utilise something you already have.

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