The importance of the ‘preview’ line on email bulletins

When an email arrives in your inbox, how do you decide whether to open it or delete it?

Apart from the headline, the next thing you often see is the preview line … the small line of text at the top of the email that gives a further hint to the content that follows.

This is often the way people make a decision whether or not to open your email so it’s pretty important.

View it as a sub-heading that supports your main subject heading. Will somebody be more likely to read your email as a result? Can you draw them in with a few extra words? 


  • Make it relevant to them
  • Capture the key content of the newsletter
  • What will they gain from opening the newsletter
  • Don’t entice them with false information e.g. ‘you’ve won a prize’ if it’s not true – this will have a negative effect and will potentially cause them to unsubscribe


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