Simple but consistent styling ensures widespread recognition

There is a cleaning company near where I live that appears to be everywhere. It seems that every time I go out, I see one of their cars buzzing around, or parked outside a house where they are cleaning.

The cars are all red, with the company logo on the back and sides – very simple, not too obtrusive, in white only. They are also always clean and shiny.

It’s a consistent, instantly recognisable look, and as a result, whenever I ask anybody if they have seen or heard of this company, the response is always positive. They apparently don’t do any other advertising, but have built their business based on word of mouth. I am not connected to this company in any way, but admire their effective approach.

They chose a very straightforward name ‘Husband and wife cleaning services’ which conjures up a friendly, reliable team, and it seems from their website that this is an authentic and professional business.

In terms of where they have spent their marketing budget, branding the cars is perfect. Their business is based on working in homes and businesses, so they are a mobile advert for themselves every time they go out on a job. Surrounding homes and businesses will become aware of them and potentially ask their neighbours for a reference before getting in touch. Or simply think ‘My neighbours are using them – I might give them a try’. It’s a warm lead without having to do anything!

I have seen other service businesses fall short of being consistent – a different logo or typeface on the van, the shop front, the marketing materials – normally because they don’t think it’s that important, or can’t remember who created the logo in the first place. Different colour schemes depending on what takes their fancy. Unkempt or dirty vehicles and/or drivers/operators. If you really want to build your business, you need to be recognised and familiar because that builds trust, and in order to do that you need to be consistent.


The marketing lesson?

  • Be clear about what you do
  • Don’t complicate it with too many messages or offerings
  • Project a professional image and expect anybody who works for you to do the same
  • Keep your branding consistent everywhere you use it
  • Be in the right place at the right time. Where are your customers? Be in those places!

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