Putting the personality into your product

I was struck recently by the smiling faces on the back of these cranberry juice boxes. What a great idea! It’s easy to forget that cranberries are grown in fields by farmers – we get so accustomed to opening a packet or a box, we don’t appreciate the journey that the contents have been on before they get to our fridge.

Putting the pictures of the farmers on the box brings it back home, and makes you recognise some of the people involved in the production process.

It also puts an image of the healthy and natural outdoors in front of you as you open your juice, even though they are no doubt processed by the thousands in a factory.

It’s just a shame that they didn’t give each farming family a personal message – the message is the same for both ‘families’ but signed off by different people. Not quite as authentic as it appears at first glance, but nevertheless a good effort.

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