Jane Brocklebank, Marketing Consultant, Maidenhead

Press Release tips

While I’m not a PR specialist, I’ve had some success recently in getting press coverage and just thought I’d share some of the key factors of putting a press release together with you.  PR is cost effective and a great way of getting publicity, but you have to remember a few things.

Journalists aren’t interested in promoting your product. They ARE interested in a story that will interest their readers … so put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself “why is this interesting?”

Have one main point to your press release. Don’t detract from the main story by adding in extra details. For example, if you’re celebrating 10 years in business, have launched a new product and have moved premises, pick ONE of these things to focus on.  See point 1 to help you decide which!

Make your headline enticing and relevant to the audience – what will make them want to read on?

Get the point across in your first paragraph. You can elaborate later, but the first paragraph should capture the essence of your story.

Research the publications & websites you will write to and compile a list. It could be local press, trade press, lifestyle magazines, specialist websites. Which places already feature stories within your industry?

Phone them up and get contact details. Be ready to give a quick overview of what your story is about and make sure you send it to the right person.  While you’re on the phone, check publication dates and deadlines.

Include contact details & your phone number on your press release. Journalists may want to contact you for more information & phone is the quickest way to get answers.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Do some research and go for it!

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