Presentation is everything

I’m a sucker for packaging. There, I’ve said it. Even though I KNOW that fancy or attractive packaging doesn’t necessarily mean a quality product, I’m taken in by it time and again.

I’ve even been known to buy a box of biscuits that I don’t like, just because I’ve fallen in love with the tin! 

This bottle of wine recently came home from the supermarket with me because I couldn’t resist the label. The bottle top even has two bird footprints on it. But it wasn’t because I wanted it for myself this time … I just thought it would be a great bottle to take along as a gift because it was fun and … well, quirky.

One exception to my love of packaging is pre-packaged toiletry sets. At this time of year, I normally despair of them but one caught my eye the other day. It was particularly appealing because it was 3 miniature toiletries sitting in a beautiful little silver bath, complete with claw feet and taps. It was a clever spin and a novel way of presenting bubble bath.

The moral of this little tale is to think about WHY people are buying your product or service. Whether you’re selling book-keeping services or bubble bath, the way you present yourself is key.

Think beyond the obvious – are they buying for themselves or somebody else? Is it something they NEED or WANT? Can you present it in a way that makes it more appealing or helps them see it differently?

I’m sure if you think hard enough, you can think of a new angle!

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