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Now is the time social media comes into its own

Many small businesses see social media as a way to communicate, broadcast their services, tell people what they offer etc.

But do you think of it as a mini website? Now that we’re in lockdown again it’s more important than ever to communicate with your customers what you are doing, especially if you’re in retail or hospitality. Coffee shops, small boutiques, gift shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes can all be doing some kind of business, but it may be different to usual. Hours and days are likely to be different. You might be offering online ordering, delivery to the door, collection in person. You may require payment in cash … or by card only. Your customers need to know all of these things, and the easiest way to tell them is via your social media channels.

If you have the facility to easily update your website, then great! But not everybody does. The alternative is to use your facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn to keep everybody up to date. And I don’t mean just with one post. That won’t cut it! The chances of everybody seeing that at the right time are minimal. People will be actively looking to find out when you’re open, what you’re offering. Make it easy for them.

  • Change your header image to include opening times and guidelines for customers.
  • Pin a post to the top of the page with the same details, or further information if necessary.
  • Show people what you’re doing – add enticing images, encourage them to use your service.

And if you don’t know how to do it, get help from somebody that does!

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