Marketing by association

This delicious carrot cake was made using a recipe I found on a clothing label. Not as strange as you might think!

The brand associates itself with beach and country living, a fresh and healthy outdoor lifestyle and rosy cheeks. The idea of eating a home-made carrot cake on return from your walk through the woods whilst wearing your colourful, stylish yet practical clothes is a perfect fit.

The association is natural, and it’s a great way of encouraging you to keep the label, try the recipe and by doing so, engage with the brand in a way that you wouldn’t normally do. You’re buying into that lifestyle, and will possibly tell your friends and family where you got the recipe from. (It was a particularly good recipe!)

When you’re thinking about your target audience, think about what they will associate with. What are their lives like? What do they like doing? Is there any way that you can add value to your product or service with something that costs you little or nothing, but that they will appreciate?

If you want the carrot cake recipe, here it is

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