Is it OK to poke fun at yourself?

In the case of this bus company, it works! As a car driver sitting behind the bus, I found myself reading their list of eco-friendly claims and almost missing the fact that ‘warp drive’ was not serious.  In case you missed it, their list goes like this:

  • Virtually no particulates
  • Hardly any nitrogen oxide
  • Warp drive (OK, not warp drive)
  • A cool way to catch a plane

In actual fact, the list is pretty vague and not exactly scientific, so what’s the benefit? Well it caught my attention for a start. And it does the job of making you feel that this bus company has a bit of personality.

Let’s face it, bus journeys aren’t the most exciting products to market so it’s nice to see them having a bit of fun with it, and making people smile in the process.

In all seriousness, the 7-series is a network of bus routes that link Heathrow Airport with the towns and villages to the west of the airport. As you might expect, bus numbers begin with the number 7 – there’s a 71, 72, 77 etc.

The route offers discounts to commuters that work at Heathrow – another nice touch.

Even though I’ve never used the service, my first impression is good, and I feel that I like them because they are working hard at making me feel that they are a personable business. That’s a good start.

If they carry that ethos through to the actual bus journey itself, they’re onto a winner!

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