How’s your Christmas spirit?

As I travel around to meetings in various locations, it’s interesting to see how different companies approach Christmas. Some embrace it, others seem to shun it.

Evidently in austere times, it seems frivolous to spend money on decorations, lights and trees. But is it really? The outcome of injecting a bit of fun into your employees’ or customers’ day and raising a smile as they start their day is surely that they will feel just a little bit more warm and fuzzy than if they are met with … nothing.

I’ve worked for companies that have taken both approaches, and the ones that I remember fondly are the ones who did invest in the Christmas feel-good factor. Of course, it’s not just about Christmas. It reflects the way a company generally feels about its employees and their workplace environment. My worst ever job was just off Regent Street, an area filled with lights, hustle and bustle. But the office was grey, grey, grey. The windows permanently had blinds drawn, there was no natural daylight and it was honestly the most miserable environment I’ve ever worked in. Just walking through the door in the morning was enough to make my heart sink. And of course, Christmas was a distinct non-event.

It doesn’t need to be a big budget affair. Simply popping a Christmas hat on a statue is a start!

My point?

Positive presentation and appearance can make a positive impression. Taking care over the little things that might seem unimportant to some, can make a big difference to how people feel. And that can make a big difference to how they view the company, and how much effort they put in.

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