How many revenue streams do you have?

Some people spend hours worrying about how to get more people into their shop, or more customers phoning them while they could be missing a trick elsewhere.

It’s important to think laterally when looking at how your business can earn money. Take a shop for example. If it’s a physical shop on a high street, it would be crazy not to sell the products online too. There can’t be many shops that are full of customers each and every day, which leaves hours of ‘down time’ where no money is changing hands, but the rent and rates are still costing money. At least selling online means that people can be shopping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, potentially around the globe! If the shop sells a particular brand, their website can be optimised for this, which has the added benefit of appearing in local search.

If someone is searching for brand X in city A, then they will find your shop.

But what else could they be doing? How about running a party plan type business where they have agents out selling their products (and raising awareness of their shop) in return for a commission.

Or creating an exclusive ‘club’ for their best customers, offering them access to limited stock or

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