First isn’t always best

We recently sold our house, and no sooner had the ‘Sale Agreed’ sign gone up outside than the leaflets from removal companies started dropping through the door. What they didn’t know was that we don’t actually have a new home to go to yet, so removal companies are not high on my priority list, and I discarded the first handful straight away.

Unfortunately for those that were quick off the mark, they are long gone into the recycling bin.  Once I’d received 6 or so, I started to think I should be keeping them so at least I had a few to compare.

There is a long-standing marketing acronym ‘AIDA’ which describes the steps from awareness through to purchase. It stands for Attention (or Awareness), Interest, Desire, Action.

Those first few simply highlighted to me that there was a need, so they did the job of getting my Attention and raising Awareness.

The ones that arrived during the following weeks have been filed, ready to pull out when we can start to think about moving dates, so I am now at the Interest stage.

Once I’ve phoned around a few, I will select a couple that I like the sound of (the Desire stage) until I make a final decision and book a date (Action).

So before you leap into action at a ‘hot prospect’ think carefully about when is the best time for you to get in touch. Does your prospect need time to realise that they have a need? Help them realise that need before jumping straight into a sale.

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