Do your customers understand what you’re offering?

When you’re close to your business, it’s easy to forget to explain the basics. Your products and services might seem obvious to you, but somebody coming completely ‘cold’ needs clear and simple language. They need walking through in easy to understand steps what you can do for them, and how to go about it.

What has prompted me to write this article is my experience with a mobile phone company – trying to unravel their ‘packages’, ‘bundles’, ‘pay as you go’ and ‘pay monthly’ options has proved to be beyond my intelligence. 4 months after setting up an account it’s still a mystery and I have failed to settle on an acceptable solution.

The problem seems to be in the way the information is presented. There is a complex and complicated range of packages. It’s very difficult to break down what you get, how much it costs, and how long it lasts.

Perhaps this is a deliberate ploy, but I am beyond frustrated!

The other every day example is pricing in the supermarkets. On some items the prices are displayed per 100g, some are per kg, some are per item, and other are per packet or package (which could be any weight). All of this makes it very hard to make a price comparison. Again, I suspect this is not an accident.

So do your customers a favour, and make it easy for them to see what they are buying:

  • What do they get?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How do they pay?

If your offering is complicated or complex, case studies are a great way of illustrating how other people have benefitted from your services. You might have a range of them with different types of customer as examples.

At least then they can see what type of solution might work for them.

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