Clever thinking creates new customers

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Halloween is coming up. The shops are filled with fancy dress costumes, pumpkins, spooky decorations and other ghoulish goodies.

Flicking through the local paper, this advert caught my eye. The text says:

We’ll help you look a fright!

If you’re looking for fabulous, fashionable clothes, we can always help. We’re also the place to go to find inspiration for fancy dress. At our prices, you can afford to mix and match, cut up and combine … accessorise and adapt … and with everything from fabulous fabrics to little black dresses and dramatic evening wear in stock, you and the kids can’t fail to look dead cool this Halloween …

What a great re-positioning of the charity shop offer! They have thought about the market, the time of year and their customers’ needs and presented it in an appealing way.

Even if you’re not a regular charity shop customer, you’d be tempted to pop in and see if there’s something you could re-fashion or use as a costume.

It’s timely, well written and well presented. I hope it brings them lots of new customers this Halloween!

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