Choice and transparency = happy customer

Have you ever been to YO! Sushi ? It’s such a simple concept but so brilliant (as so often simple ideas are!).

It’s brilliant because everything that’s on offer is laid out in front of you, with it’s price clearly identified according to the colour of the dish. The moving belt carries the dishes around, and you help yourself to whatever you like. You can see new items coming along, and if you miss one you like the look of you know there will be another one along in a minute.

But if it doesn’t appear, you can order one. Just press the ‘call’ button and a waiter will appear. Genius! The chefs cook live in front of you, so you know that it’s fresh, new food that’s being added to the belt. If somebody on the other side of the room orders a dish, they cook a couple extra and pop them on the conveyor belt, and inevitably someone will take a fancy to it and help themselves.

There is very little wastage, and a lot of impulse purchases from customers tempted by a new and tasty dish.

Even if you end up spending more than you intended, somehow you don’t feel cheated as it’s all spelt out for you. There’s only yourself to blame if you’ve helped yourself to a few too many ‘expensive’ coloured dishes.

Here’s a summary of what I like about this concept that could translate to any business:

  • Make your products look attractive
  • Make it easy for people to buy them
  • Make the prices clear
  • Provide plenty of choice
  • Have an ‘entry level’ product, and a more expensive bespoke option
  • Update the offering from time to time

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