Business photos with personality

A portrait used to be quite a serious affair, and would likely involve a trip to a studio where you would pose self-consciously against a backdrop of some kind.

While there is still a place for that, there are many other options too. It’s perfectly possible to have a less formal photograph in a different setting but remain professional. One that relates to your working environment perhaps, or that you feel comfortable in.

There are some great examples of business portraits out there – a quick internet search will give you lots of ideas of how you can present yourself and your business in a way that reflects your business personality.

Instead of an awkward group photograph, why not mix it up a bit and try some different poses. Use stairs, walls, corners of buildings. Simply positioning people at different angles with some forwards, some back adds a whole new dimension.

Top tips

  • Think about the personality that you want to project
  • Make sure everybody dresses accordingly – have a dress code
  • Consider the colours – there is no right or wrong, but do you want to look like a rainbow or a funeral?
  • Think about the environment you are photographed in – what style suits your business?
  • What locations could you use?
  • Research and practise some different poses. What feels comfortable?
  • Do you need any props?


Here are some ideas that I’ve collected recently

Have fun!

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