Bloomin’ marvellous!

An innovative and carefully thought through solution to avoid common problems with fresh flower deliveries.

If you order flowers for somebody, it’s often done as a nice surprise which is kind of spoiled when you have to check if they’ll be in to receive them. Alternatively, you risk causing inconvenience for the recipient of having to track down an undelivered bouquet. This company have cottoned onto the problem and have devised a clever solution.

Their package is designed to fit through letterbox. What? Fresh flowers in a package? Yes indeed! 

So here’s how they do it …

  • The box is long, flat and shallow enough to slide through a letterbox
  • The flowers are carefully packaged with covers on delicate flowers
  • Clear, illustrated instructions on how best to handle flowers, both on the box and in the accompanying leaflet
  • Delivered with a nice printed card with a personal message
  • The leaflet explained the process of flowers dying off and made alternative suggestion e.g. make posies
  • 10% off voucher for future purchases


This thoughtfulness even extends to their website:

  • Uncluttered and simple design
  • Attractive, accurate photographs of different bouquets
  • Easy to follow and clear what you’re ordering
  • Next day delivery for orders before 5.30pm


What can your business learn from this?

Think about typical problems that occur with delivery or service. Can you overcome them with an innovative solution?

What would help your customers get more out of your product? Help them see the benefits – point them out

Provide instructions (illustrations can be very useful to add clarity)

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