Are you missing a simple trick?

If you run a business where people come to you at your premises, have you claimed your page on facebook and Google? If not, you could be missing a big opportunity to gain new customers – and not just new customers, but ones that know somebody that already uses your services. That means you come with a recommendation too!

As more and more people use smart phones (over 60% of mobile users) and they become ever more sophisticated, faster and easier to access the internet, more people are using them to ‘check in’ when they arrive somewhere. This tells their friends where they are, and often prompts curious friends to click on the page to have a look. If they like what they see, they may well like your page too. No effort required on your part, other than taking the time to claim your page in the first place. 

For example, a group of friends visit a restaurant. One of them takes a group photo and posts it on facebook, tagging their friends and naming the restaurant. If each of those friends has 200 facebook friends, they will all see the post in their timeline. If there’s a group of 6 or 7 friends, that’s a lot of exposure.

However, if that restaurant doesn’t have a facebook page, or hasn’t claimed it, the publicity will be in vain as they won’t be directed to the official page.


While you might be reading this thinking “why on earth do people want to tell people where they are all the time … why bother?” trust me, they do. Just because you don’t understand or agree with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

How to do it

If you already have a facebook page, have a look at this link to find out how to claim it – if you haven’t already claimed it as your own, and people have tried to check in, they will just create a new name. Better to gather them all together on your proper page. Read more here.

On Google places, you want people to see your correct information, otherwise Google will just display what it knows. When people search for your business, wouldn’t you rather include images and text that YOU have chosen, rather than Google? If you can get some of your customers to post reviews, even better. Read more here

If you run a restaurant, bar, shop, hotel, beauty parlour, dog grooming service or anywhere else that means people visit your premises, get onto it today!

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