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You can rely on me and my network of industry professionals to deliver a cost-effective and professional solution to your marketing. If I can’t help you, you can be sure that I know somebody who can.

  • project management

    If you have a particular marketing project that needs looking after, and need a keen marketing eye on the job, get in touch. I can help you plan and implement the activity.

  • marketing planning

    You may realise that you need to do some marketing, but need a helping hand to get it off the ground. I can help you define your objectives and come up with a plan to achieve them.

  • marketing materials

    There are many ways to spend your marketing budget. How do you know what to choose? Brochures, websites, email newsletters … let me help you decide what will work for your business.

  • copywriting

    Struggling to find the right words for your sales letter, article, brochure or website? If you need help putting together a press release, a proposal or anything written, give me a call!

  • email marketing

    Everyone seems to be doing it … should you be? I can help you decide if it will help your business, get you started and can even write it for you.

  • social media

    Another hot topic! Let me help you determine if it’s a suitable marketing tool for your business. If so, I can work with you to set up and maintain your online profile.

  • websites

    Your website content should be carefully planned and put together with your marketing hat on … does it appeal to your customers? Does it provide solutions? Once you’ve addressed these fundamentals, then the design process can begin. Get in touch to discuss your website, whether it’s a brand new one or a review of your existing one.

  • training & coaching

    Perhaps you’d like to manage your marketing yourself, but need some guidance. As a qualified trainer, I can teach you or your team how to do it with regular reviews to see how you’re getting on. Social media workshops, marketing brainstorming and planning sessions provide a good foundation for ongoing activity.

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