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Don’t be afraid of sharing

April 27, 2018  |   Communications,Marketing tips,Sales,Social media  

Don’t be afraid of sharing

When it comes to sharing knowledge or advice, I often hear people say “I don’t want to give away too much information. I’m jeopardising my sale”. But actually the reverse is true. There is so much information available at your fingertips now, that if you don’t share knowledge, people will just go elsewhere to find it.

A new way to manage social media posts

November 14, 2017  |   Marketing tips,Social media  

A new way to manage social media posts

I am currently trialling a new social media tool that enables you to schedule posts across the various different platforms. There are of course several tools such as Hootsuite which already do that, but what I like about this one is it’s attractive and user-friendly visual appeal. You can also schedule posts ready for approval if somebody else needs to see them before they go live.

  • It has visually appealing calendar format so you can clearly see what’s been posted for when, and on what platforms
  • You can move a post simply by dragging it to another day, so it’s easy to organise
  • You can preview a post as it will appear on the platform
  • It’s easy to ‘re-use’ a post – handy for those evergreen ones

I have yet to find a tool that does everything I want, all in one place (that would be a miracle!) but this is close, and they are continually developing it. For instance, when it started out you could only schedule a week at a time. You can now do it months ahead!

If you want to give it a go, it’s called ContentCal – you can create a free trial account here



Facebook done military style – with a twist!

Facebook done military style – with a twist!

I’m always a bit dubious about facebook for business, as it’s a bit of a hit and miss environment. Most people are on facebook for a bit of light entertainment, and don’t really want to see work-related stuff. 

But where facebook comes into its own is when it involves a group or community, so it’s perfect for a business that relies on a group of people interacting. 

One in particular stands out for me as actively engaging everybody, being genuinely informative and most of all fun. 

It’s for a military fitness club and it manages to do all of the following: 

  • Provide information 
  • Provide entertainment 
  • Impart a sense of fun and belonging 
  • Encourage members to turn up to the classes and participate 

What can we learn about marketing from the daleks?

January 25, 2017  |   Social media,Video Marketing  

What can we learn about marketing from the daleks?

When I was a child, like many others, I used to watch Dr Who from behind the sofa, terrified … but not wanting to miss out.

The sound of the daleks filled me with dread and I could hardly bear to watch. A couple of years ago, I bought my Dr Who fan husband a box set of old Dr Who shows from the 70s, thinking they would be good fun. Wrong! They were unbearable! Watching one for 5 minutes was quite funny, as we wondered how on earth we could ever have been scared by such primitive props, but the novelty soon wore off and we just couldn’t watch a whole episode. And so it is with todays’ videos and presentations. If you’re going to do it, do it right. What worked even 5 years ago will look dated now.

Do some research, and have a look at what others are doing – look outside of your own industry for inspiration. All of the social media sites are full of great, short and entertaining clips and infographics.

Videos and presentations can be used on your website, your social media channels, within email bulletins etc so you can make good use of them … if they’re good. And by good I mean eye-catching, interesting, relevant to your audience.

And hopefully not so out of date that your audience switches off!

The most overused words on social media

The most overused words on social media

Reading through my twitter feed, I suddenly became aware of the repetitious status updates. I am ashamed to admit I’m guilty of it myself! What are these words….?

They are ‘lovely’and ‘great’ along the lines of:

“Had a lovely afternoon doing XYZ”

“Thanks for a lovely XYZ”

“What a great start to the day”

“Had a great meeting with … “

It reminded me of my English teacher telling us to find alternatives to the word ‘nice’ – well those alternatives appear to be ‘lovely’ and ‘great’! So here are some different words to use. My challenge to you is to use them every time you are about to type one of those boring words. Have I missed any? Let me know! 

How do you choose which social media to use?

September 15, 2015  |   Marketing tips,Social media  

How do you choose which social media to use?

Many websites now come with a suite of social media buttons as part of the design. This means that people can share links to your website on their favourite social media channel which is all good.

However, sometimes these buttons link to your own social media channels. If they’re well maintained and up to date, that’s also good! But if they’re not, then they’re a bit of a waste of time to say the least … and at worst, make you look tardy.

So, if you’re going to use social media, which buttons should you keep? And which should you get rid of?

If it doesn’t work for you, don’t do it

If it doesn’t work for you, don’t do it

I have some friends who *shock horror* don’t use facebook. They don’t like it, don’t ‘get’ it and manage perfectly well without it.

However, one of them has recently set up a business selling jewellery and decorations, and will need to create an online presence. She came to me for advice saying “I suppose I’ll have to have a facebook page now”.

I told her that if she disliked facebook so much, not to bother as she’d never use it. There are lots of other ways to get online and there’s no point doing something you don’t agree with just because everybody else seems to be doing it. Also, it’s worse to do something badly than not at all. It would be more damaging to have a poorly maintained facebook page than none at all. Imagine a facebook using customer who found the page and sent a message requesting information or ordering a product – if they didn’t get a response or acknowledgement they would feel that they had received poor service. If they simply didn’t find a facebook page in the first place, they would have no expectations.

Laying foundations for success

Laying foundations for success

Marketing is a bit like building a house. The first step is to prepare the foundations and establish a firm base for sales by setting objectives and a plan to achieve them. You then start to build the house according to what the end user wants.

Marketing can achieve the following objectives:

  • Raising awareness
  • Setting out your stall
  • Showing what problems you solve
  • Aligning yourself with your target customers
  • Building credibility
  • Generating leads

Two very different tales of Customer Service

Two very different tales of Customer Service

The way that you’re treated as a customer undoubtedly leaves an impression, and can make the difference between you recommending a business, or complaining about it to anybody that will listen. Given that many of us use social media, the news can spread far and wide in no time at all.

Are your tweets monotonous?

February 11, 2015  |   Communications,Social media  

Are your tweets monotonous?

Once you’ve got yourself set up on twitter, and you’re following some people and hopefully some are following you, the next challenge is to come up with interesting stuff to tweet about. So how do you do that?

Ways to come up with content

Install a tool such as Hootsuite that installs a button on your web browser, enabling you to easily tweet when you land on an interesting web page. Often, when we browse the web looking for information about something, we find useful or entertaining articles. If you think your twitter audience would like them, tweet them with a little introduction.

Create themes – you could have several broad themes you tweet about that relate to your business, and either mix them up each month, or dedicate a week or a month to each theme.

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