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Don’t be afraid of sharing

April 27, 2018  |   Communications,Marketing tips,Sales,Social media  

Don’t be afraid of sharing

When it comes to sharing knowledge or advice, I often hear people say “I don’t want to give away too much information. I’m jeopardising my sale”. But actually the reverse is true. There is so much information available at your fingertips now, that if you don’t share knowledge, people will just go elsewhere to find it.

Are you familiar with your sales funnel?

October 31, 2017  |   Sales  

Are you familiar with your sales funnel?

Dictionary definition of a funnel: a tube or pipe that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, used for guiding liquid or powder into a small opening.

Imagine a funnel that guides your customers, rather than liquid or powder. At the wide opening there will be lots of potential customers. As the process goes on, and the conditions are satisfied (or not) people will drop out until you narrow it down the ones that will make a purchase.

If you’re selling a corporate software solution your sales funnel will be very different to somebody selling chocolate bars. A long, carefully thought through decision likely involving many individuals over a few months compared to an instant purchase by one person requires a very different approach.

Which is why it’s important to think about your sales funnel. In other words, the process your buyer goes through in order to reach the point of sale.

What’s the magic ingredient?

April 30, 2016  |   Branding and Personality,Sales,Target Market  

What’s the magic ingredient?

I recently went with some friends to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show which I last saw as a student many years ago. The theatre, in the middle of a suburban town was packed for the matinee performance with an age range from twenty somethings to considerably older! Many were dressed in costume (have a look online if you don’t know the show).

Some of us had seen it before, some hadn’t but by the end of it we all came out buzzing and saying what a fantastic production it was. To have lasted over 40 years is an amazing achievement, especially given that the subject matter/story line is unusual to say the least! When looking for a description to summarise the show, the best one I could find online was this:

How not to write a sales letter

January 17, 2016  |   Sales,Writing & PR  

How not to write a sales letter

A new year is often when businesses come back with a renewed sense of vigour and a determination to get more sales. Before you embark on your sales campaign, have a look at this case study and check you’re not making the same mistakes.

I recently received this email which is copied and pasted exactly as it appeared, except I’ve taken out company names and website links. It is a fairly typical sales letter, but I thought it would be useful to pull it apart in order to illustrate how important it is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

5 Top tips for writing a sales letter

January 17, 2016  |   Sales,Target Market,Writing & PR  

5 Top tips for writing a sales letter

While it’s quite easy to get a sales letter wrong, it’s also quite easy to get it right. Follow these guidelines to make sure your next missive hits the mark.

1. Don’t make assumptions about your audience. They may/may not be familiar with you. They may/may not know your product. Be clear about who you are writing to, and write with them in mind

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