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The most overused words on social media

The most overused words on social media

Reading through my twitter feed, I suddenly became aware of the repetitious status updates. I am ashamed to admit I’m guilty of it myself! What are these words….?

They are ‘lovely’and ‘great’ along the lines of:

“Had a lovely afternoon doing XYZ”

“Thanks for a lovely XYZ”

“What a great start to the day”

“Had a great meeting with … “

It reminded me of my English teacher telling us to find alternatives to the word ‘nice’ – well those alternatives appear to be ‘lovely’ and ‘great’! So here are some different words to use. My challenge to you is to use them every time you are about to type one of those boring words. Have I missed any? Let me know! 

The importance of an enticing subject line

The importance of an enticing subject line

As I opened up my email this morning, I was faced with a page of messages with a huge variety of subject lines. I use an email provider that automatically separates out the emails into ‘primary’, ‘social’ and ‘promotions’ and I was looking at the ‘promotions’ tab. Some of them just got deleted straight away without even looking at them. Others prompted me to think a bit harder before deleting them, and inspired this article.

How not to write a sales letter

January 17, 2016  |   Sales,Writing & PR  

How not to write a sales letter

A new year is often when businesses come back with a renewed sense of vigour and a determination to get more sales. Before you embark on your sales campaign, have a look at this case study and check you’re not making the same mistakes.

I recently received this email which is copied and pasted exactly as it appeared, except I’ve taken out company names and website links. It is a fairly typical sales letter, but I thought it would be useful to pull it apart in order to illustrate how important it is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

5 Top tips for writing a sales letter

January 17, 2016  |   Sales,Target Market,Writing & PR  

5 Top tips for writing a sales letter

While it’s quite easy to get a sales letter wrong, it’s also quite easy to get it right. Follow these guidelines to make sure your next missive hits the mark.

1. Don’t make assumptions about your audience. They may/may not be familiar with you. They may/may not know your product. Be clear about who you are writing to, and write with them in mind

Tips for getting into the news

July 16, 2013  |   Communications,Marketing tips,Writing & PR  

Tips for getting into the news

I’m always surprised by people’s perception of how hard it is to get their story into magazines and newspapers. It’s normally because people are so worried about it, they don’t even try!

If you work in a particular industry sector, there are probably trade publications that cater for your market, for instance in marketing and advertising there is Marketing Week, Marketing, Campaign. In retail there is The Grocer, Retail Week etc. These publications are all written for people who work in the industry, and they need stories to fill their pages.

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