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How far should you take the humour?

How far should you take the humour?

If you ever travel by train you may have come across a quirky coffee shop called Puccino’s. In fact, they have high street café’s too. I love the fact that they aim to brighten up a commuters’ journey with a fun and informal approach.

Waiting for a train into London one evening, I noticed the sandwich and cake display was pretty sparse, but had a sign up saying “This item has disappeared. It will re-appear soon”

The font they use is casual and friendly. Every item has a cheeky message instead of a brand message. For instance, brightly coloured coffee cups feature the message ‘can I get a receipt with that’ and sugar packets say ‘use as small pillow’

Silly stuff that can put a smile on your face when you’re least expecting it.

But when I bought my cup of tea I was given a free biscuit that had the phrase ‘stupid little biscuit’ on it. This made me stop and think ‘Why bother then?’ It was a step too far in the self-deprecating stakes. It made me think what a waste it was to give out a free biscuit, spend money on production, shipping, packaging etc which no doubt would be added to the cost of my cup of tea. It was a self-defeating message.

If I was in charge of messaging for Puccino’s I’d have called it ‘cute little biscuit’ or ‘tiny little biscuit’.

Nobody should ever call somebody stupid.

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