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What makes a giveaway worthwhile?

Have you ever been to an event, picked up or collected a handful of giveaways and got home, only to put them in the bin, or find them at the back of a drawer several months later?

If you’re planning to attend an event, what can you do to help people remember or associate with your brand? It’s not cheap to get branded items, so you really want to make sure they hit the mark.

At Royal Windsor Horse Show this year, there were 2 particularly good examples of effective giveaways:

Have your cake and eat it!

Walking past the Howden’s stand (they make beautiful kitchens) I was offered a brown paper bag containing a bottle of water, a piece of cake and a Howden’s brochure. What a great gift for people wandering around a horse show! Of course, I found a bench in the sun and flicked through the brochure while I ate my cake.

These hooves are made for prancing …

Giveaways 2_smThe other offer that was very clever came free with a bulk purchase of 3 pairs of riding socks. The package included a hoofpick (colour of your choice) and the whole lot came in a little drawstring bag with the inscription ‘These hooves were made for prancing!’ on the side. Every rider needs a hoofpick, so that was a useful and fun giveaway.

The key elements of both of those was that they were entirely relevant to not only the audience, but the situation. You might wonder why a kitchen manufacturer was at a horse show, but the fact that they are Royal Warrant holders earned them a place on the stand. They made the most of their opportunity to introduce their product to the horsey crowd.

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