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Re: Have we spoken before or are you cheating?

Re: Have we spoken before or are you cheating?

Have you noticed a trend for incoming emails to have a subject line that starts with ‘Re:’, thereby suggesting it’s a reply to an email that you’ve sent?

I’ve found that it’s often a ploy by sales people to at least get you to open the email. It worked a few times, but now I’ve cottoned on to this latest trick, I just delete.

This does raise a good point though. It’s really important to get your subject line right, and using cheap tricks like this has several drawbacks.

  • People don’t like being tricked
  • If the content isn’t of interest to them, why trick them to open it in the first place?
  • It doesn’t do you any favours, it just looks tacky

What’s the best way to create a subject line?

  • Make it honest!
  • Describe what’s in the email in as few words as possible
  • Make it enticing. Why would the recipient want to open it? Appeal to their needs/wants

If you’re writing to people who need to be tricked into opening your email, maybe it’s time to review your database. If they genuinely might be interested, they will respect regular, consistent, relevant messages from you. Not everyone is going to open all of your emails, all of the time, but that’s OK.

Each relevant communication you send is sowing a seed somewhere in your target audience’s mind. Don’t resort to cheating to get a higher open rate.

Be honest and respectful with your communications – it will reap rewards in the end.

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