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How to demonstrate your talents

How to demonstrate your talents

One of the challenges businesses face is how to explain to customers what they do and how they do it. Testimonials are helpful, but they rarely tell a story – they simply endorse the quality of your work or product.

A case study is a different story. They give you the opportunity to explain the background behind a project, talk about how you approached it and show the results. If you have different types of products or projects, you can have a series of case studies to illustrate these.

For example, if you work with companies of different sizes, you can tell the story of 3 different sized businesses. If you have a broad range of services, talk about different ones in a range of case studies. Perhaps you work with different types of clients – a case study for each type will help get this across.

The purpose of a case study is to enable potential customers to envisage how they could work with you. They will recognise some part of their problem and the solution that you offer through the picture that you paint for them.

You can feature these on your website, send them out to prospective clients, use them on social media, incorporate them into presentations. They are a great way to shout about your services without seeming too pushy.

In essence, they are a very useful marketing tool.

If the thought of interviewing your clients and creating your own case studies is too daunting, I can help you. I will:

  • Agree a set of questions with you
  • Interview your customer by phone
  • Draw out the key reasons they work with you/what they like about you
  • Incorporate a testimonial
  • Write it up into a 500 word case study, provided in a Word document
  • Incorporate one set of revisions

The cost per case study is £150 (invoiced on completion and payable within 7 days)

Start promoting the solutions you offer. Get in touch to discuss your case study

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