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A branding success!

A branding success!

This summer was memorable for lots of reasons, not least the Olympics. A lot has been written about it already, but I wanted to focus on the branding which was highly effective.

I was lucky enough to go to 4 different venues over the course of the Olympics and Paralympics (one just to collect tickets for another event) but all of them had one thing in common. The absolute ease of navigating and recognising where you needed to go.

The infrastructure in London particularly impressed me, the way that the tube stations had new pink signage which stood out from the rest, carefully guiding the Olympics visitors to where they needed to be. The train and platform staff in pink tabards, the signage, the uniforms of the Games makers, the flags fluttering in the distance. It all came together beautifully. To copy the success of this branding exercise remember the following key points:

– Consistent use of the colour and logo
– Highly visible and easy to differentiate from other signage
– Good positioning in places where it was needed
– Relevant to the audience

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