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Ten tips for social media – get the basics right

Ten tips for social media – get the basics right

Whether you have a  Linked In profile, a facebook fan page or are a regular tweeter these tips apply. In my view they are basic requirements as a starting point for success in social media. Get these things right, and you’re off to a good start!

1.  Have a plan – be clear why you are using social media
2.  Make your username meaningful
3.  Use a photograph, not the standard ‘mystery’ icon
4.  Use the same photograph consistently so that people recognise you
5.  Spend time on your profile information – what do people need to know?
6.  Introduce yourself when asking people to connect
7.  Post updates regularly – how often will depend on your product and your audience
8.  Don’t use social media as a soap-box. Add value
9.  Think quality, not quantity – make sure your updates are useful
10.  Be responsive – thank people for their comments, start conversations

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